September 24, 2013

Tennis Themed Tissue Packets

Every year the tennis club that I belong to hosts a National Senior Women’s Tournament. Ladies come from all over the US to play singles and doubles in age categories for 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. It is very inspirational to watch all the tennis and to see how well these ladies are still moving. Since our club hosts the tournament, we provide gift bags to all the players. People donate items that promote their business, or sometimes things that are just nice for the players. We get water bottles, granola bars and candy snacks, pens, paper, things like that. This year, I am donating tennis themed tissue holders.

These small packets hold one pocket-sized tissue pack, are refillable, and are just a fun little item. I also sell them on my Etsy Shop, SwissMissStitches.

I started with this really fun fabric with the colorful tennis theme.

Each pouch starts as a rectangle of fabric approximately 6.5″x 5.5″. I hemmed both short ends of the rectangle. I used red thread because it was FUN. And I like red. And I think it looks cute.

Once the short edges were hemmed, I folded the rectangle with right sides together so that the edges would form an opening in the middle.

Then I sewed up both sides, making sure to reinforce the corners and the opening so that it wouldn’t pull apart when I put in the tissue packet.

When it is all sewn together, you flip it right side out, and VOILA! You have a tissue packet holder.

When you insert the tissue, I recommend using the packets that open in the center, not on the ends. You will see that the tissue holder has a thin opening that is perfect for extracting the tissue!

And here is a lovely shot of all 50 of the tissue holders that I made for the tournament. I hope the ladies enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them!

If you would like to purchase one, they are available at my Etsy Shop, or you can custom order a number of them for your own event, with the fabric colors, themes, patterns, etc., all being totally customizable to your need.


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