March 6, 2013

Works in Progress

Anyone who engages in any type of DIY effort knows that everywhere we look, in every nook and cranny of our lives, are works in progress. I don’t know any DIY-ers that have one project at a time. Most of us have half-finished projects stashed in every open place we can find! My house is a really good example of this. We have:

    • bathroom tiles stacked in the closet (for when we decide to do the tub-surround in the master bath),
    • beer bottles stacked under my ironing board (for the next batch of home-brew),
    • flooring planks stacked next to the table saw (to finish that last row of transition pieces),
    • hand-written genealogy charts and family photo albums stacked next to my desk (working on family histories for 3 branches of the family),
    • a cross-stitch project of an eagle in it’s tote bag next to the couch (for me to work on while watching football, basketball, soccer, tennis… whatever sport is on TV),
What it looks like now…
What it will eventually look like
  • a half-finished hand-stitched Hawaiian quilt block that will someday be a pillow covering, whenever I finally finish it,
I still need to finish stitching down the design in the upper left corner, then I need to do the Hawaiian quilting on it.
  • a partially cut-out red, black and white purse that I will finish eventually (love the fabric, hate the directions!),


  • and stacks of 1.5″x1.5″ red squares next to 2″x12″ strips on my quilting table (for the sashing on the red and white quilt I am working on).
6×6 squares cut into triangles.


The pieced quilt blocks using the triangles.
12×2 strips for the sashing.
Adding the little 1.5″x1.5″ squares to the sashing. Lots more to go here, can you tell?


What it is supposed to look like when I am done!

And my computer isn’t much better, let me tell you! I have half-finished blog posts, recipes to try, and almost-finished projects for clients stashed in folders all over this machine!

Here is an example of one such a project: a website for a local artist that specializes in glass tile and custom glass art commissions. If you have a kitchen or bath remodel coming up, if you want a feature wall with glass tiles, or if you are looking to commission some custom glass art for signage or a decorative piece (like fused glass bowls or artwork), I definitely recommend looking at Hal’s work. It will give you some great ideas, and you can contact him from the website to get quotes and ideas. He is making me a fused glass bowl and some matching plates – I will post pics as soon as I have them!

So if you wonder where I have been lately and why you haven’t seen many posts… it is most likely because I am buried in my WIPs (Works in Progress)! I will try and keep you updated on the progress of these (as well as any new ones I start).


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