Fessing up to my Unfinished Objects

So I have seen this concept on a lot of blogs and I think it just might work for me. If I publicly admit to all of those projects that I have sitting around in various stages of completion, maybe I will actually shame myself into completing some of them! As I pick up new projects, I will add them to the list. When I actually finish one, I will make sure to at least include a blurb and a photo in the blog. I am only including projects for which I already have the materials (nothing that is still a gleam in my eye, so to speak). So… here goes (in no particular order):


  1. Grapes table runner
  2. Hawaiian fabric table runner
  3. Scrap quilt from Mom’s old fabrics
  4. Hawaiian quilt block for pillow
  5. Finish the quilting on the Spring Sampler

Cross Stitch

  1. Birth Sampler for my cousin’s youngest
  2. Eagle
  3. English Garden Sampler
  4. World Map
  5. Take My Advice Sampler


  1. Tote Bags
  2. Sock monkey for Bailey (even though he has already graduated high school…)
  3. Felt Car Mat for traveling