January 6, 2020

WIP Update

So it’s that time of year again when I go through all my work-in-progress projects and try to shame myself into finishing them. 😉 I am proud to say I only have a few left out there right now.

It’s my goal to finish at least three of them this year. Maybe four. But the eagle cross stitch… it’s my goal to finish that one before I die!

The Birth Sampler is for my cousin’s son. I’d like to get that done this year, or at least before he starts high school!

The Spring Sampler is my first foray into batiks. I completely love this top. I need to put a border on it, backing, batting and binding. Plus the quilting. The problem? I can see the backing material that I want in my head, but I can’t find it in any stores. I’m envisioning a batik with those beautiful navy blues, and the burnt oranges. So I’m still hunting for it. Or I hope to find something acceptable to use. 😉

The broken dish blocks… I’m so close. Seriously. I have two blocks left to make. Then sash it. Then backing, batting, binding, quilting. I would like to get this one finished this year.

The black and white blocks… these were from a block swap. I’m super excited to get them into a quilt. I’m trying to decide what accent color I want to put in. I’m leaning toward white sashing… but maybe throw a red or bright orange in there? Can’t quite decide. But it should get done this year, too.

And then the Eagle. Oh, the Eagle. It’s one of the most complicated cross stitch projects I have done. When my Grams was still alive, she picked out two designs that she really liked: this one, and a wreath with hummingbirds. She couldn’t decide which one she liked more. I made her the wreath and then started on this one, but we lost her to stomach cancer before I could finish it. And so there it sits. But I really think I need to finish it. It’s time.

What do you have out there that you’d like to finish this year? Comment and show me, I’d love to see!


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